Types Of Vodka

Welcome to Types of Vodka we aim to give you just that, all the info you need for every type of one of the worlds most popular alcohol. From the clearest of the clear vodka to the most fruity of the flavoured vodka, there is more variety than  you might think.

bottle of vodka

Vodka may owe its origins to eastern Europe but there is no doubt it is now a world wide drink.  Whether straight or mixed, Vodka is enjoyed by many and its dominance sees no sign of slipping.

Types of Vodka Has recently celebrated its 2 year birthday. We hope to continue and celebrate many birthdays to come while maintaining to provide Vodka info to the world. So take a look around and see what you didn’t know about one of the worlds most popular drink.

The site is split into two sections:

Types of vodka

This section explains the different types of vodka, how they are made and general features of each type. The main two types are clear and flavoured vodka. Many brands have different variations of these two and most brands cover both types.

Brands of vodka

This section goes through some of the most well know brands of vodka in the world and their history. It also goes through their catalogue of drinks. There are a lot of very good brands of vodka out there so check them out and see if you can find a new favourite.

Vodka Cocktails

This section is coming soon and will include every vodka based cocktail we can get our hands on so stay tuned for some new ways to enjoy your favourite drink. We hope you will enjoy the selection we are coming up with and rest assured we are working hard to test every drink added, its a tough job but someone has to do it.